Cat Sitting

Cattery or Cat Sitting Services

March 7, 2019

Cat sitting and services compromise of a particular set of visits per day by cat sitters to the homes of pet parents. Cat sitting comprises feeding, rubbing, litter box cleaning, and general care for all vacation care requirements. There are numerous Cat Sitting Services in Gloucester that can always take care of your cats whenever you are out.

Below are some of the things that you should consider before hiring a cat sitter –

You need to make sure that the cat sitting service that you choose is one of the best and totally reliable. You can do a simple Google search to find the best car sitters around you. You can also take recommendations from the people around you, like – you friends, neighbors, veterinarian, etc.

Make sure that the cat sitter you choose has good experience in his/her field, and is not just a student looking for a part time job. It would be plus point if the sitter has completed any special training in cat sitting. You should have a good chat with the potential sitter and no more about his/her experience and knowledge. Moreover, you must make sure to make the sitter aware about the likes/dislikes, special needs, etc. of your pet.

Make sure that you have some or the other kind of communication with your sitter even when you are away. Perhaps, the sitter can send you a digital photo of your pet daily to keep you updated. Moreover, several pet sitters record daily notes regarding your pet’s activities, eating habits, mood, etc.