Cheap Business Printing

Cheap Business Printing

August 23, 2018

Cheap Business Printing

Are you thinking about printing some posters as a way of promoting your products and services? Posters are a flexible marketing tool which can be used in a variety of ways, from pinning them on walls around the office to sending them to customers along with invoices. A well-designed poster can speak volumes about your products, and is far more accessible than a brochure or even a website. So how do you go about creating a killer poster without spending a fortune doing so?


Your first decisions are going to be about what you want your poster to show. It’s usually best to stick to one or two simple messages rather than cramming the poster full of text which nobody will read. Think about your company branding, logo and colour scheme, and try to tie it all together. Consider the key purpose of a poster – is it to tell customers about a special offer, get your brand noticed or give practical information about how to use your products? Try to go for a design which won’t date as you’ll get more use out of your posters.


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Paper and Printing

Colour posters can be more eye-catching than black and white, but also cost more to produce. Ask your printer to produce samples both in colour and in black and white to compare. Smaller posters obviously cost less than larger posters, but don’t be tempted to make something small to cut costs with a compromise on quality. Similarly, cheaper paper could be used, but you don’t want a flimsy poster which might damage your brand image. Ask your printer to quote for producing various quantities of posters. It’s always the first 500 or 1000 posters which cost the most to do, and keeping the presses running to make 5000 rather than 4500 might not cost much more.