Choosing Your Home

Choosing Your Home

May 1, 2019

Congrats, now that you have decided to buy a new home and are out in the market to find one, there are certain factors that need careful consideration. Finding a property is not a hassle, but finding the right property well suited to your needs can be a bit of a challenge. Buying a property needs to be well thought out so that there are no regrets after you make the property purchase.

Some of the factors to take into consideration include:

Location is paramount: The first thing to consider is the location. Is it close to your workplace, schools, shopping and hospitals etc.? Is it well connected to other parts of the city with easy access to public transport?  The location of the property must be central and offer convenient access to all these places.

Check for dampness: The signs to keep an eye out for include watermarks n ceilings, plaster that is flaking, a damp mouldy smell etc. Check the area near the skirting boards and the ceiling in particular. This is more so when buying an older property.

Examine the structure of the building: When buying a property you need to ensure it is structurally sound. Watch out for any types of cracks like hairline or large cracks. It is always best to hire a chartered surveyor to conduct a survey of the property before you sign the documents to buy the property. They have the training and the experience to detect any structural anomalies that could pose a threat later on.