Dog Grooming Schools

Dog Grooming Schools

February 11, 2019

Dog owners will be well aware of the importance of having their pooches groomed on a regular basis. Engaging a dog grooming service is the best way to ensure your pet gets pampered and indulged while keeping them clean and hygienic. There even are dog grooming courses and dog grooming training for those pet owners that would like a more hands-on approach in taking care of their pets.

Apart from the dog grooming services, there are certain DIY tips to groom your pet such as:

Regularly brush their coats: When you brush the coat of your pet it helps to remove dead hair, debris and dirt that can lead to unpleasant odours emanating from the dog. The gentle brushing strokes help to distribute the natural oils of the pets evenly make the coat thick and luxuriant. Regular brushing ensures that there are no tangles or matting of the hair.

Clean their teeth: You need necessarily wait for the pet to visit the salon to get their teeth brushed. Although, it would be best to brush their teeth once a day, doing it two to three times a week also will suffice. Only use a toothbrush made for dogs with doggie toothpaste only. A kid’s toothbrush can also be used or a rubber finger brush as well. For dogs that do not particularly like getting their teeth brushed there are special chew treats r dental spray.

Trim the nails: Certain dog’s nails grow very fast. While some may need trimming once in six weeks other may need to have them trimmed after every two weeks. Just tip the end of the nail so that the dog does not get uncomfortable.