Energy Saving

Energy Saving

March 7, 2019

Most homeowners in the UK struggling on a tight monthly budget find soaring utility costs a major burden to shoulder. However, there are ways to lower electricity and gas bills considerably thus saving a tidy sum on utility expenses. The most common solutions are installing LED lights, improving roof insulation and adopting an eco-homes policy etc. all of which will definitely lead to savings.

Apart from these measures, there are a few other ways also to slash utility costs like:

Do not keep appliances on standby: Keeping our electrical appliances and gadgets on standby mode increases consumption of electricity. The more gadgets in a home on standby mode, the greater will be the wastage of electricity. Always switch off the appliances or gadgets after using them and only switch them on when in use. Another option is to consider investing in plug sockets that can be switched off with a timer. A slightly more expensive option is to invest in smart plugs that can be switched off using a mobile app on your smartphone.

Invest in a smart thermostat: With more and more appliances using smart technology these days make a smart decision and use a smart thermostat at your property. The benefit of using a smart thermostat is that it offers greater energy efficiency, by only warming those areas that are in use. The technology in these thermostats ensures that only the right temperature is available at the right time when the rooms are in use. Additionally, these thermostats also are controllable using a smartphone. That means when you are driving back home you can give a command to switch on the thermostat and come back to a nice warm room.