February 11, 2019

Floristry is the production and selling of flowers. It includes care of the flowers and management, flower arranging, retailing, and flower delivery. A florist is a person who organizes flowers and other plant components into a beautiful design. There are many florists out there and you can use services of any one of them on special occasions, like – Valentine’s Day, birthdays, etc.

The importance of different flowers –

Red colour – Typically, red colour symbolizes love, vitality, desire and passion. The red rose is used to express your love towards that special someone. These roses are in high demand on Valentine’s Day.

White Colour – White colour symbolizes harmony, virtue, pureness, clarity, completion and unity. It is the colour of new start.

Black Colour – Black colour symbolizes danger and is linked to the concealed, the mysterious. This colour keeps things inside, unseen from the world. Black colour also stands for authority and control. It takes in negative energy therefore; it is extremely beneficial to carry something black with you to shield oneself from danger.

Yellow Colour – Yellow colour symbolizes friendship, practical thinking and relates to knowledge. This colour stimulates original thoughts. This colour is the colour of mental facets, novel ideas and assisting us to discover new or inventive methods of some different things.

Green Colour – Green colour symbolizes spring, renaissance, harmony and poise. Green is the colour of development. This colour is the inordinate balancer of our heart and feelings, which means it is helpful in creating stability amid the brain and heart.