Interior Design

Interior Design

May 1, 2019

If you plan to jazz up the look of your kitchen or workplace Corian would be the ideal material to use. It has found its share of admirers for both domestic and commercial use. Corian is available in a large selection of colour shades and designs. Fabricators use the material in different areas of a home ranging from the bathroom to worktops. The biggest plus with working with the material is it is easy to mould to any design or shape.

Its durability is another feature that makes it popular as it is made from high-grade acrylic that adds to its resilience. Because it has non-porous properties dirt or stains do get collect on the surface thus leaving no blemishes or marks on the material’s surface. That makes it low maintenance. Even if scratches do appear on its surface, these can be removed through the use of a special solution. Another bonus is the colour shade and the pattern does not fade leaving it as good as new for years to come.

Corian is available in sheet form and a fabricator can cut and mould the material using regular woodwork tools. Through either engraving or curving the material design can easily be created. An added benefit of using Corian is if you desire to add images to the material, it is possible through dye sublimation.

It is liquid proof thanks to its non-porous nature, with a smooth and seamless texture, which does not allow any liquid to permeate through the surface area. Consequently, it is extremely hygienic as bacteria and mould cannot grow on the surface.

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