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NEW G2 Hotmitts Leather Heated Mittens

January 11, 2019

If you are a keen motorcyclist who takes to the open road regularly, it is likely that you will be exposed to extreme weather conditions at one time or another. This could be the bitter cold temperatures of winter, howling winds or even torrential rain and it is your hands that tend to get exposed more than most other body parts when out riding.

Most of the effects suffered by the hands when riding a motorcycle in this type of weather can be combatted with special gloves, and whilst there is a huge choice when it comes to the needs of motorcyclists, there are very few that stand up to the quality and functionality of G2 Leather Hotmitts.

NEW G2 Hotmitts

What’s So Great About G2 Hotmitts?

G2 Hotmitts are battery powered, super comfortable leather heated mittens. There are two options available:

  • Water Resistant – These come with a palm zip giving the rider the option of eating or using their phone without removing the gloves themselves.
  • Waterproof – This option is fully waterproof, but, as such does not come with the palm zip option to free the fingers.

Both options are made from high quality Goatskin Leather and feature a top of hand push button which controls the temperature via three levels.

Ranging from 5 -50 degrees centigrade in heat these heated mittens will maintain their temperature for up to 9 hours depending on the temperature chosen, with the highest temperatures giving slightly less continuous use at around 4-5 hours before they will need recharging. The chosen temperature range is displayed via 3 colours, red, white and blue.

Who Else Can Benefit from Hotmitts?

These fantastic heated gloves are not only ideal for those who ride motorbikes, they are also perfect for anyone who is exposed to temperatures that are cold or extreme weather. This includes hill walkers, sports fans, climbers, cyclists, people experiencing difficulty with circulation or those who just want to keep their hands toasty and warm on a cold winter’s day.

Who are These Heated Mittens Not Suitable For?

Whilst suitable for most outdoor pursuits, G2 Hotmitts are not suitable for sports with high hand impact or activity, for example skiing. This is because high pressure can be placed on the palms of the hand during these types of activities which could disconnect or break the connectors or wires within the gloves therefore making the warranty void.

What Comes with My G2 Hotmitts?

This fantastic pair of heated mittens comes with one rechargeable battery per mitten, a battery charger and a one year manufacturers warranty so there is no need to continuously replace batteries and the warranty gives that extra peace of mind.

Whether you ride a motorcycle or cycle, hill climb, go to outdoor sports events or just don’t like getting your hands cold or wet, you are going to love the premium quality and warmth G2 Hotmitts leather heated mittens bring on a cold winter’s day.