Plastering Service

Plastering Service

April 10, 2019

If you need to get plastering done on your property there might be the temptation to save a few quid and do it as a D-I-Y project. However, contrary to as easy as it appears it involves a special set of skills, techniques, tools and scaffolding etc. doing a poor job will end up costing more to fix later on.

Whether it is interior plastering or exterior plastering it is best to fire a professional plasterer for the job. You could ask around for recommendations from friends or family members.

Look for a company with experience online, and check their customer reviews along with their work portfolios online.

Some of the key aspects to consider are:

  • Have they worked on a similar project as the work to be done on your property?
  • Check if they specialise in an area of plastering like coving, rendering or lime plastering.
  • How much of experience do they have in the job?
  • Are they qualified and have credentials from City & Guilds or NVQ?

Since plastering work generally takes more than a day, ensure they are professional and friendly in their approach. Check if there has been any mention in former client reviews of the company covering the items in the work area to prevent damage. While they might offer you an approximate idea of the cost based on your work description, they will only issue a fixed quote after the survey the work area.  Any professional plasterer will visit the property to ascertain the conditions of the area to be plastered, after which they will issue the quote.