Grounds Maintenance

Professional Grounds Maintenance

January 15, 2019

Why You Need Professional Grounds Maintenance

If you are a business owner and wish to comply with health and safety, give a professional impression, protect your business from infestation or improve/maintain your brand image then you need the services of an established grounds maintenance company who are specialists in this field.

Most companies offering grounds maintenance offer you the flexibility to have a regular service such as once a week, fortnight or month or alternatively you can use their services on an ad hoc basis.


What Type of Services Can I expect From a Grounds Maintenance Company?

The services on offer from grounds maintenance specialists will vary slightly from business to business but all should offer the following services as a minimum:

  • Lawn Mowing
  • Weed Eradication and Control
  • Management of Litter
  • Maintenance of Shrubs, Hedges and Plants
  • Leaf removal
  • Nature watering

Grounds Maintenance

The Benefits of Professional Grounds Maintenance

There are many benefits to bringing in specialists to carry out ground’s maintenance work. Here are just a few:

  • Safety and Health – Debris and obstacles situated outside your businesses building pose health and safety issues for both your staff and your customers. Anyone entering or exiting your building is at risk of injury and if an injury occurs due to your negligence you could be looking at a very hefty fine or could even void your insurance cover.
  • Uphold Your Brand – We all know the importance of making a good first impression and often the first thing a potential customer sees of your business is the exterior of your building. You may have the most hi-tech website and the most amazing logo and branding but if the exterior of your business premises does not reflect that then potential customers will assume the products or service you provide will have the same neglect and lack of attention to detail.
  • Peace of Mind – Whilst many of us may manage our residential gardens and home exterior, a business premises demands a lot more care and attention to detail. Owning a set of shears or one of the latest roller mowers does not necessarily qualify you to maintain your own business grounds. Choosing a team of specialists to manage your grounds maintenance means that the service will be tailored to your specific business environment and its unique needs. Any grounds maintenance company worth their salt will have the latest, high quality equipment to produce the safest and most visually pleasing result for you and your business. This gives you peace of mind when it comes to your exterior grounds and leaves you to worry about the actual running of your business.
  • Pest Control – Ground maintenance specialists are familiar with all the usual pests that tend to live in natural vegetation and in and around buildings. These types of pests love overgrown hedges, shrubs and lawns and once they are comfortable in your grounds, they will start to make their way into your building. Keeping your building exterior maintained is the most efficient and cost effective way to reduce the chances of a pest infestation in or around your business premises.
  • Pest repellent – One of the best ways to deter pests is to have a tidy exterior. They make use of overgrown bushes and shrubs to conceal their presence, making a home of your outdoors. Also, with overgrown nature it can be easy for entry points for pests to be hidden, therefore our service ensures the risk of infestation is brought to a minimum.
  • Deter criminals – Similarly to how pests use overgrown nature to conceal their presence, so can criminals. They can exploit bushes and trees to gain entry to buildings without being seen by CCTV systems, allowing them to conduct criminal activity without detection. If proper maintenance is completed, they will not be able to hide from CCTV and will often cancel plans of forcing entry before they begin.