March 7, 2019

Homeowners are well aware of the importance of having a secure roof over the home. The elements particularly the rain, heavy wind and snow can severely damage the roofing on any property. Having a regular maintenance schedule is necessary for all kinds of roofs including flat roofs. Any negligence will lead to expensive roofing repairs or even the need to have it replaced. New roofs can cost a bomb so it is best to deal with any damages in the initial stages when they can be repaired.

If you do not already have a maintenance schedule in place, it is mandatory that you get a schedule in place. Start by checking the interior of the house. Keep an eye out for blistering or bubbles on the ceiling surface or dark spots as these could be signs of damage by water.

Later move to the loft section to examine it for signs of any damages. Preferably do this on a bright sunny day, because if there is any damage the sunlight will filter through damaged or broken shingles. Look for signs of water damage and dampness inside.

After checking the interiors, move outdoors to examine the roof from a vantage point. Do not climb atop the roof for safety reasons and use a ladder propped up against a wall to survey the condition of the roof. A better option is to have a roofing company technician do the job for you.

Apart from any missing or damaged shingles keep a close lookout for dark patches. If parts of the roof appear uneven and raised it could indicate it is rather old and might need to be replaced.

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