Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy

February 11, 2019

Sportsmen and women put their bodies through rigorous training regimes, in order to be at the top of their game. This can lead to injury in the long term. While general physiotherapy may benefit them to a certain extent, getting a sports massage from a specialised sports physiotherapist can help to prevent injuries and improve the healing process after sustaining an injury.

Sports physiotherapists are growing in demand for their unique skills. A few of the benefits of sports physiotherapy are:

Boost physical strength: All professional athletes utilise their physical strength when involved in their chosen sports discipline. In certain contact sports like football, rugby, boxing, martial arts etc. they receive frequent blows to the body. All of these strains and saps the muscular strength of a sportsman. A sports physiotherapist assists the sportsperson to improve their muscular strength and become stronger. Through carefully selected massages and exercises the ligaments, muscles, bones and joints get strengthened over time.  This increases physical strength and makes them more resistant to physical stress and strain.

Relax the body: Spending hours working out at the gym or playing any sport is physically exhausting and the individual needs to relax and unwind. Sports physiotherapy helps the sportsperson to totally relax every fibre of the body. After a massage, they emerge re-energised and reinvigorated and well prepared for rigorous activities on the next day.

Increase flexibility: Any athlete needs to have a supple and flexible body to succeed in their chosen sport. Sports physiotherapy increases the flexibility of muscles and the joints.