Renewable Energy

The Benefits of Renewable Energy

March 7, 2019

At present we fulfil most of our energy needs through the use of fossil fuels. Apart from being non-renewable these also do irreparable damage to the environment and are responsible for greenhouse gases that lead to global warming and climate change. The best alternative is renewable energy that is obtained from various natural sources. These include wins, sunlight, water, tides and other natural resources which are renewable sources besides being good for the environment.

Some of the benefits of renewable energy resources include:

Multiple sources: The biggest benefit of using renewable energy is that it can be generated from multiple natural sources. These are infinite, unlike fossil fuel that is available in limited quantities.

Green sources of energy: One of the biggest benefits of using renewable sources of energy is that they have little or no impact on the environment. In fact, most of these are eco-friendly in nature.

Makes countries energy independent: At present many nations depend on neighbouring countries for their energy needs. Adopting renewable sources of energy will make these countries energy independent helping them to have better control over usage and pricing. It will also help them to have a considerable amount of money spent on importing energy.

Reduce global warming: One of the biggest threats to mankind as a whole is global warming. This will have disastrous consequences for the earth and all its inhabitants. Humans are responsible for the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere generated from the use of fossil fuels and non-environment friendly products. This will not only impact the environment but have a dire effect on human health. Renewable energy helps to mitigate the effects of global warming as it is eco-friendly.