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The Influence of Culture on Goan Food.

May 10, 2019

Goans are known for their hot masala’s, vinegar’s, spice’s, and garnishes that work wonders on any foods they prepare. From Beef Rolad to Sorpotel, these dishes are engraved in the minds of all tourists who intentionally or accidentally step into a restaurant serving Goan cuisine. Unfortunately, this wasn’t always the case and a lot of the food in Goa today has been put together by the foreign and Indian influences the state dealt with.


Initially, a majority of Goa’s population was Hindu, which made sense since India was largely a Hindu country. This meant that a lot of the customs and traditions followed in India were connected to religion. The population was largely vegetarian, using ingredients connected to religion, with people rarely eating meat. Goa, being located alongside the sea, through proximity automatically got a large number of the people eating fish.


With the coming in of the Portuguese, almost everything changed. They entered the country, with their intentions of trading and evangelising. Through their teachings of Christianity, a lot of the food being eaten began changing.


Initially, it was the Portuguese following their already existing eating habits, but soon the locals started taking bits and pieces out of their cookbooks. All these changes slowly but surely began impacting the Goan cuisine. This also created a lot of unheard dishes at the time, which was a combination of Portuguese dishes and Goan ingredients. Soon these cuisines were everywhere, with restaurants around India and beyond offering their clients Goan Cuisine.