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Healthcare in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is one of the smallest states in the EU, but has been a member since the earliest days of the organisation. As one of the three official capitals of the EU, it is home to the European Court of Justice and attracts a large number of visitors and business people each year. It’s unlikely that you will fall ill on a trip to Luxembourg, but if you do, it’s important to understand the differences between the basic healthcare you get under reciprocal EU agreements, and the options which may be open to you if you have medical cover through your travel insurance.

EHIC Cover in Luxembourg

EHIC is the documentation confirming you as a UK citizen with rights to reciprocal healthcare, and you have to apply for this online before leaving home. EHIC gives you access to the state healthcare system, which in Luxembourg is CNS. EHIC cover allows you to use any of a range of healthcare providers in Luxembourg which work under contract to the CNS. In practice, all doctors and hospitals work with the CNS so you can choose which provider suits you best. Treatment is not free however and you will be expected to pay for doctor appointments or consultations with a specialist. You may be able to claim reimbursements for anything you pay, so always get a receipt. If you are admitted to hospital, you will be charged around 20 euros a day for “board and lodging” which cannot be reimbursed, along with a fee for the doctor and tests, which may be refunded. In general, children under the age of 18 do not pay for medical treatment or hospital admission.

Dental treatment is subsidised by the CNS, and you may be able to claim back a percentage of anything you spend. Always get a receipt and itemised bill. Dentists will also be able to advise which treatment would be covered. In general, the standard of healthcare in Luxembourg is very high and many doctors will speak good English.

Private Medical Cover in Luxembourg

Having access to medical cover on your travel insurance policy might open up more options for your treatment. If you claim on your travel insurance and are treated as a private patient, you may well end up in the same hospital being seen by the same doctor, but you might be able to be seen more quickly, get a single room rather than being on a ward and any charges and fees will be covered by your insurer. Policies do vary in what they will cover though, so always check with your insurance company before agreeing to go ahead with any medical treatment. Furthermore, medical cover on a travel insurance policy may offer compensation for every night you are hospitalised, or will pay for rearranged flights if your travel plans have to change. If you are planning on climbing or taking part in other extreme sports while you’re in Luxembourg, make sure you are covered properly. Also be sure to tell your insurer about any pre-existing medical problems.